Do you know why you should use air duct/dryer vent cleaning services? The Air Duct Cleaners Association does. According to their research, the typical six-room home accumulates over 39 pounds of allergens, dirt, and dust every year, and that’s just in the air ducts alone!

Consider that just a single ounce of dust can be home to over forty thousand dust mites, and you can see pretty fast that 39 pounds of crud is millions to billions of unwanted ‘dust bunnies.’ They don’t pay rent, but they might be home to mold, fungi, and bacteria you don’t want in your home.

As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has estimates that indoor air is three or four times as bad as outside air, which is problematic for homes with allergy sensitive individuals. Having pets compounds it further, and all this dirty air gets cycled around each time your heating or air conditioning kicks in.

The accumulation of allergens and irritants within a system also hurts its efficiency and effectiveness. That means you pay more for maintenance and utilities, but get less output in terms of health and comfort. Regular calls to air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services avoids all of this. We recommend calling a professional who has the equipment and knowledge of how to clean your ducts so you can start breathing clean air again.