Do you know how cleaning your air ducts helps reduce allergy symptoms? If you have anyone in your home that suffers from allergies, then it’s unlikely you open a lot of windows for fresh air, especially in the spring when allergens are high. That means that you run your heating or air conditioning a lot to keep a comfortable temperature in your home, and whatever allergens are present wind up accumulating in your air ducts. There, they build up over time, also gathering dust mites and other triggers, to the point that your HVAC is blowing them around your home all year long.

Cleaning your air ducts means that you are going to help any air passing through them be cleaner, so allergy sufferers can breathe easier all night, all day, and all year. Regular cleaning also means that any filters attached to the system are not going get dirty or full as fast. Fresh and effective filters mean the air passing through your ducts will actually get cleaner as they pass through the system!

It’s very easy for allergens, dirt, dust, and pet dander to wind up in your ducts in the first place. If you have rugs or carpets, this is especially true when air conditioning is running. It cools air primarily by dehumidifying the water vapor out of it. This moisture is often residing in rug and carpet fibers, and when lifted up it brings allergens along for the ride. Similar effects happen on clothes, bedding, and furniture. The air will immediately feel cleaner and better, but what was pulled out of it is now living in the ducts or getting constantly recontaminated by a dirty filter.

Regular air duct cleaning also makes ducts a less hospitable home to rodents, spiders, and insects. We have a local Minneapolis duct cleaning company come out to our house every Spring to clean our air ducts, dryer vent, and air conditioner. It’s advisable to hire a professional for these services. It’ll save you the hassle, plus they know where to clean and get it done the right way.